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工作場所安全應該是任何項目現場的首要任務。保護你的團隊反對事故是一個圓形的時鍾工作,特別是如果太陽落山的工作推動。輕型塔是重型照明選項,可以承受夜間戶外構建地點的磨損,同時能夠照亮隧道和室內空間的黑暗內飾。利用菲律賓可信Towable Light Tower Rental供應商的服務,以獲得更安全的工作場所!

Built for easy mobility and bright illumination

Some projects extend until late night or involve navigating dark interiors, such as in mining or large buildings. To work in such conditions safely, it is important to equip your site with light towers. Our light towers from Generac and Terex are built for easy mobility and bright illumination, making night time or dim indoor sites conducive for continuous working.

MLT3060 – Light Tower

Why should I book a portable light tower rental?

Purchasing any piece of heavy equipment is a big investment. However, there is no doubt that these are integral to large-scale construction and maintenance work. A portable light tower is essential, especially for long-term projects like road and bridge construction, as well as mining operations. However, like any piece of heavy equipment, its transportation, maintenance and repairs can run quite expensive. Availing of a mobile lighting tower rental from a trusted supplier guarantees the delivery of an optimal unit to your work site on time, every time.

Equipping your build site with light towers provides your work site with the following benefits:


Kubota® D1005-E3BG1-MGM-1 – liquid cooled, diesel engine
Standby – 13.1 hp @ 1800 rpm
Prime – 11.7 hp @ 1800 rpm

Terex RL4.

Tower Height: 23 ft 5 in (7.13 m)
Width Stowed: 59 in (150 cm)
Dry Weight: 1,461 lbs (663 kg)

世代VT8 Y3燈塔

世代VT8 Y3燈塔

Number of Lamps & Power– 4 x 1000 Watts
Total Lumen (Lm)– 360,000 Lm
Illuminated Area (M.2的)– 4200M.2
Total Running Time (h)– 47 hours

Generac VTevo Light Tower

Generac VTevo Y2 Light Tower

Number of Lamps & Power– 4 x 320 Watts
Total Lumen (Lm)– 188,160 Lm
Illuminated Area (M.2的)– 4500M.2
Total Running Time (h)– 171 hours

Generac VTevo Light Tower

Generac VTevo K2 Light Tower

Number of Lamps & Power– 4 x 320 Watts
Total Lumen (Lm)– 188,160 Lm
Illuminated Area (M.2的)– 4500M.2
Total Running Time (h)– 171 hours

Strong Illumination

Even the most experienced workers may find themselves in danger if they are working late hours in a dark work site.Regular lighting will often lack the intensity and brightness that these industrial-grade lighting towers provide to a jobsite.我們的GeneracTerex.Light Towers are equipped with 1,000 to 1,050 Watts for powerful light output, allowing you to boost worksite productivity by allowing your crew to work safely even after dark.


When out at a build site, especially outdoors, weather conditions are unpredictable.What starts out as a sunny day can very quickly turn rainy and stormy in the afternoon onwards.But even as the rain comes down, work pushes on.Light towers are a hardy lighting solution that can withstand the pelting rain and strong winds of harsh weather, as well as the high temperatures of hot summers.我們的Generac MLT 3060型號均可承受每小時65英裏65英裏的型號,塗有卓越的防鏽,造成靈活,重型使用的粉末,而我們的Terex RL 4models are perfect for highly mobile use that could stand up to high, hot, temperatures.

Powerfully Self-Sufficient

Equipped with built-in power sources, these portable light towers for mobility and flexibility on your worksite. Both ourGeneracTerex.models are equipped with 60Hz diesel generators. With fuel-efficient engines, our Generac MLT 3060 models last up to 750 hours for longer and heavier hours of use, while our Terex RL 4 models can handle 90 hours of use for faster, mobile jobs on a budget.

If you are looking for high-powered lighting solutions that can handle the wear and tear of your project, book a light tower for rent from 欧宝体育有限公司Hastings Motor Corporation. We offer a full-service experience that includes transportation to your site via our in-house delivery fleet, as well as assistance and trouble-shooting from our fully-trained experts. Choose Hastings Motor Corporation and experience five s tar service from the Philippines’ most trusted heavy equipment rental supplier.